How kumkumadi tailam uses aren’t as low as you think

Aging and wrinkles are so scary about Kumkumadi Tailam uses. Kumkumadi gives wonderful results with prolonged use

kumkumadi tailam uses

over 80% of people are having severe acne during puberty and 30 years of age. By 2026, the count of people affected by pimples in India is predicted to attain 23 million. 

This made me think of why people in our country are suffering so much when we have a remedy in our hands itself. When someone is suffering from pimples they have to simply know Kumkumadi Tailam uses. But saying this alone not serves a purpose because people have so much fear in using any products in recent days

Thus I have come up with this blog enriched with Kumkumadi Tailam uses, myths and its benefits. Take a free ride on this blog and get to know about Kumkumadi Tailam a lot.

Let’s first understand about Kumkumadi Tailam

What’s Kumkumadi Oil/Tailam

It’s an amazing ayurvedic blend of herbs that is used predominantly as a facial oil. Kumkumadi Tailam is a mixture of fruits, flowers, and plants which makes the oil a complete beauty product. 

We have to discuss the ingredients in Kumkumadi Tailam deeper to get rid of doubts about its efficacy

Kesar Red, Sandalwood, Manjistha, Licorice, Blue Lotus, Indian Lotus, Vetiver, Sesame Oil, Goat Milk, and Rose Water are the major known ingredients used in Kumkumadi Tailam. Apart from this, there are many other ingredients used in this Tailam to enrich kumkumadi tailam uses and its benefits

Let’s have some intense research on Kumkumadi Tailam uses and its ingredients. 

But how do you find kumkumadi tailam best brand?

Here are the major ingredients you have to look out


A good blood purifier, this reddish root increases blood circulation. It is commonly used for improving skin tone, reducing pigmentation, healing wounds faster, and reduced inflammation.


This root helps in decreasing the Pitta dosha like fissure, anemia, and it also controls the Vata doshas like urinary problems, improves wound healing, and reduces inflammation.


Sandalwood nourishes the skin by reducing acne, pimple marks, spots, pigmentation, dullness, and excessive oil from the skin. This herb reduces Pitta doshas, cleans the skin, reduces inflammation, and treats conditions like diarrhea.


Laksha is extracted from the female lac insect Laccifer lacca. It helps heal wounds and broken bones. It is also used for bleeding problems and provides relief from sensation associated with burning

Tree turmeric

Haldi checks and balances the pitta doshas like jaundice. Anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric help in escaping from infections and treating skin disorders. 


The antiseptic properties of the vetiver calm your mind and balance hormones. It improves your skin conditions a lot.

Indian lotus:

Lotus flowers effectively reduce pain. It treats bleeding, asthma, and cold symptoms.

Indian Water Lily:

The floral extracts balance the Pitta and Kapha problems. It plays a very important role in brightening tone, reduces irritation, moisturizes, and regenerates the skin.


It is extremely useful for treating moles, wounds and prevents skin infections.

lotus stamen:

It acts as a skin conditioner and is beneficial in moisturizing the skin. It prevents pimple breakouts and prevents dry skin.


The 10 roots used in this formula are wonderful for normalizing Vata dosham. It gives essential nourishment to the skin, also improves blood circulation at last it erases fine lines too.


Antibacterial properties of vilvam reduce Vata and Kapha doshams and prevent skin infections.


Agnimantha plays an important role in improving skin brightness. It reduces and prevents under-eye circles, spots, breakouts, pimples left after the healing of acne, and various signs of wrinkles and aging which also provides a natural glow to the skin.


It purifies the blood and heals wounds


It reduces inflammation and heals wounds. antioxidant properties in Gambhari helps in purifying the blood and reduces dullness of skin and wrinkles.


It’s highly effective in purifying blood. It is also remedial for burns, wounds, targets blisters, and provides relief from pain.


It’s highly beneficial in treating allergic conditions, skin infections and provides relief from redness and dryness.


It reduces bleeding disorders and provides faster wound healing and prevents many skin infections.


The gokshura treats skin infections. It also treats various signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, under-eye marks and gives smooth rejuvenated skin.


Brihati helps to reduce Vata problems. It treats different skin infections and rejuvenates the skin.


The Kantakari helps in treating skin diseases, healing wounds, and increasing skin health.

There are so many brands serving the best Kumkumadi Tailam for skin whitening especially with all these ingredients. Now you must have got an answer for Which brand Kumkumadi oil is best? 

If all these ingredients are not present, please don’t buy them.

Thus we need a broader idea of kumkumadi tailam uses and its benefits

  • kumkumadi tailam is a magical elixir to improve skin health. It has lots of therapeutic effects which also treats many skin issues.
  • Majorly people with sensitive and dry flaky skin types will have good benefits from this oil
  • It targets to improve the complexion, decrease the signs of aging, fine lines, under-eye marks, acne, spots, hyperpigmentation, allergy, eczema
  • Rejuvenation and renewal of skin cells will give a young and healthy appearance from Kumkumadi Tailam uses

Now, what are the benefits when we use the best kumkumadi tailam uses for skin whitening, and Does Kumkumadi Tailam make skin fair?

Saffron is commonly known for its skin brightening qualities. This red thread plays a pivotal role in improving the skin complexion. The antioxidant properties & antibacterial properties of this oil helps in blood circulation. Regular use of this oil in your skincare routine eventually reduces sun tan and provides a natural glow from within.

Can I leave Kumkumadi Tailam on face overnight?

An equal mix of Kumkumadi oil and Badam oil needs to be applied all over your face using a soft moist cotton ball. make it stay on your face overnight. Follow this skincare routine continuously before your sleep to improve your skin tone and reduced spots.

kumkumadi tailam uses for face

It has been stuffed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, & anti-bacterial properties, Kumkumadi tailam is highly effective for treating skin infections and inflammatory conditions like pimples. Kumkumadi oil acts as a mild cleanser that helps to cleanse the skin pores by fighting against dead skin cells and dirt. It also avoids infections in the sebaceous glands which helps to reduce the swollen redness and pain in the pimple area.

Mix a small teaspoon of shankha bhasma with a drop of Kumkumadi tailam and apply it to the areas with acne. This application prevents the growth of pimples and also provides a coolant effect on the skin.

Can we use Kumkumadi Tailam daily?

Dark circles, spots, and blemishes make your skin look so dull and tired. spots mostly occur due to several causes like hormonal problems, UV exposure, poor food choices, and aging. Kumkumadi Tailam’s magical elixir containing sandalwood, saffron, and turmeric will work very well in improving skin glow and texture. It lightens the skin under the eyes. continuous use of this oil gives one an even skin tone and prevents further pigmentation. One stop shop for beauty regimen with Kumkumadi Tailam uses.

Can we apply Kumkumadi Tailam on lips?

When you have dry chapped lips you can start to use Kumkumadi oil to form a protective layer with all kinds of outward conditions. This keeps your lips moist and beautiful all-day

We’ve seen many Kumkumadi Tailam uses. Now its time to see how we can use Kumkumadi Tailam benefits

How to apply Kumkumadi Tailam?

Kumkumadi oil is beneficial for all skin but when it comes to oily skin, use it minimally so that it doesn’t make the skin too oily. For your convenience here we have a step-by-step guide for oil application

• wash your face with mild face wash to remove any pollution completely

• Take some Kumkumadi oil and apply it completely on your face, neck, and required parts.

• Massage it in circular upward strokes for a max of 10 minutes.

one should keep in mind Kumkumadi oil needs to stay for at least 3 hours and should not wash your face immediately. People having dry skin can use it before going to bed and make it stay overnight for good effects. But when you have oily skin, you can wash it off after 3 or 4 hours to prevent greasy skin overnight.


kumkumadi tailam is extremely beneficial for most of the skin. It has great significance in improving skin tone, reducing pimples, and other skin allergies, it keeps away dark circles and radiates overall skin.

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