How Nalpamaradi Thailam Uses are more refreshing than facial

Your skin will fall in love with Nalpamaradi Thailam uses. Its benefits will always be higher than its price.

After a long time, one of my friends came to my home with a dull face. I was shocked to see her with that face. As she will always have a smiling and glowing face. 

When she started to speak to me, her first line was. Naren I’m having my marriage 2 weeks from now. I said “it’s cool news, why are you so worried about it” chill and enjoy. But she replied that even after doing rounds of facial, her face was looking dull and tired. Immediately my mind striked with Nalpamaradi Thailam uses.

Nalpamaradi Thailam uses

She was very happy to get married in her tone but her face was not having that marriage glow.

She consulted many people about that but there was no improvement, it seems suddenly my face got stuck inside her mind when it comes to natural therapies and ayurvedic kinds of stuff.

During our college days, we speak a lot about Ayurveda, natural products, and their benefits. All that stuff got her to my doorstep.

It was of my utmost importance to help her at this crucial time so I took some time to analyze her skin tone and problems with her intake.

After that, I came to a conclusion for her skin with Nalpamaradi thailam skin whitening treatment. When I initially proposed this method I could see her face believing me but her tone was not so convincing so I took her through the Nalpamaradi thailam benefits and ingredients step by step which eventually changed her belief in this method very confidently.

What i said to her is not very commonly known to many people so i have created this blog to make people aware of Nalpamaradi Thailam uses.

First of all What is Nalpamaradi thailam??

Ayurvedic herbal oil Nalpamaradi Thailam is derived from stem barks of Ficus trees. 

Nalpamaradi Oil is produced from the barks of four different species of Ficus trees. 

There are four Ficus species





All these four species together are known as Nalpamara in Ayurveda. Nalpamara is the main source of Nalpamaradi Thailam.

To add a synergistic value there are more ayurvedic ingredients present in Nalpamaradi thailam skin brightening treatment predominantly.

Let’s look at some of the extra main ingredients and see Nalpamaradi Thailam uses.

Turmeric – 

Nalpamaradi Tailam’s yellowish tinge is because of Turmeric present in the oil. Without saying it provides a youthful glow for the skin. It has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which lightens skin tone decreases pigmentation and fights blemishes. 

Vetiver – 

Vetiver roots have a bittersweet and aromatic quality. Vetiver oil cures pimples, dry skin, aging problems, and skin discomforts. This oil is highly remedial in nature and has cooling and comforting effects for the body and the mind.

Indian Gooseberry(Amla, Nellikai) – Amla is a popular Ayurvedic ingredient in treating most hair problems. In addition to it, it has great benefits for the skin. Toning nature and antibacterial potent Amla helps to get away with dark spots and adds a great glow to the skin. 

Now let’s dive into the benefits of Nalpamaradi Thailam

What are Nalpamaradi Thailam uses?

● Nalpamaradi thailam brightens the skin and gives a glowing complexion

● These barks are remedial for different skin diseases, ulcers, and nervous disorders.

● It helps to detan the complete body

● Nalpamaradi thailam even repairs and softens the skin

● It plays a key role in hydrating the skin and nourishes the skin extensively

● It reverses skin’s environmental damage very effectively

If we’re Indian born, There are many chances you’ve heard about Peepal Tree. older times, every house was motivated to plant peepal trees in their backyard. 

Peepal Tree Bark Importance 

it has true immense health benefits. It is an elixir in the scientific sense.

Ashes from the bark of peepal trees treat Eczema when directly applied to the skin 

Peepal trees act as a complexion corrector and preserver with enriched vitamin K plays important role and a inin Nalpamaradi Thailam uses

Nalpamaradi Thailam benefits don’t stop here. It has numerous other benefits which will be deeply discussed in this blog

Now lots of questions arise after reading all the benefits of Nalpamaradi Thailam. 

how to use nalpamaradi thailam? Can we use it in my home itself?

how to use nalpamaradi thailam for face?

Sometimes these kinds of common questions arise, it’s completely okay!!

1. After cleaning your face, pour some oil on your palm.

2. Slowly massage your face in a circular motion until oil gets absorbed.

3. Leave it on for 30 minutes.

4. Wash your face with normal water without any soap.

Now the next question arises!! Can we use Nalpamaradi Thailam daily?

Nalpamaradi Oil can be used three times a week if you have sensitive or oily or pimple-prone skin. But in case you have dry skin, it can be used every day.

There are numerous Nalpamaradi Thailam uses for the skin when you do the above-mentioned procedures you’ll

Increases blood capillaries strength, skin inflammation will be minimized

Heals skin bruises quickly by increasing skin resilience

Rectifying skin issues like under-eye darkness, pigmentation, and wrinkles 

Lightens surgery and maternal stretch marks, scars.

Many natural care centers offer nalpamaradi thailam skin brightening treatment for a huge price 

But this method can be done inside your sweet home itself. 

There is an important gift from this oil its none other than Nalpamaradi thailam uses for babies

If a baby has been massaged with nalpamaradi thailam for 15 to 20 minutes. It gives intense relaxation and good sleep for sure. Other than that it enriches babies with a beautiful glow. 

Nalpamaradi Thailam uses for babies is multiplied when it comes to massages. One needs to be cautious about this oil. It’s completely used for external purposes.

Allergic reactions test for Nalpamaradi thailam

To check whether Nalpamaradi thailam suits you or not, you can do a patch on your skin by taking some Nalpamaradi thailam and mix it with Kumkumadi Tailam. After that, you can just apply it to your forearm and leave it for half an hour. See whether any red patches or itchiness come to you. If else you can massage your whole body with this thailam to reap Nalpamaradi Thailam uses.

During pregnancy or breastfeeding, many women will have doubts whether Nalpamaradi thailam can be used or not?

It’s absolutely fine when a woman uses it before pregnancy and she can continue using it. But if someone plans to use Nalpamaradi thailam during pregnancy. It needs to be consulted from a proper ayurvedic practitioner and if the doctor gives a good go-ahead for Nalpamaradi thailam, She can use it with full liberty.


Thus Nalpamaradi thailam is for everyone in this world to create beautiful and glowing skin. One needs to introspect Nalpamaradi Thailam uses for its reaping benefits by using it. 

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