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Finding the best sanitary pads is never going to be a challenge with this blog. This blog gives an in-depth idea of organic sanitary pads available in India.

It’s quite shocking that a minimum of only 36% of women uses sanitary pads in our populated country. National Family Health Survey has estimated that out of 340 million menstruating women in India only a minimal amount of 120 million women are using sanitary napkins.

Due to an unhygienic period, maintenance and napkin disposal methods. There are major implications for women’s health, but what is the actual risk? Every human in this world should be aware of the complications & diseases that occur to a woman who does not use menstrual hygiene products. 

Women who don’t know to maintain her during menstruation have higher chances of contracting cervical cancer, Hepatitis B, Reproductive Tract & Urinary Tract Infections, and many types of yeast infections.

There are many talks around organic cotton sanitary pads that it has no harmful chemicals and chlorine content, but many people miss out to talk about how good you feel to use an organic pad versus non-organic ones. Honestly, the gap is huge. Rather than having debates on organic pads, We need to use a pad made of organic cotton or synthetic fiber, the difference is very noticeable. 

Biodegradable sanitary pads are having increasing vicinity and popularity these days. These pads are very much similar in absorption rate compared to regular sanitary pads. Meanwhile these pads are made of natural ingredients and its completely bio-degradable, By avoiding regular sanitary napkins, we can help our mother nature with the help of natural sanitary pads, we can easily reduce plastic waste in our home. 

The best sanitary pads in line with nature are biodegradable sanitary pads. These kind of organic sanitary pads are even available in big sizes for overnight purposes

In recent days we can see organic tampons getting more hype, there are many bio-degradable organic pad options which creates more attention. 

Due to fewer additives and dyes, some family doctors suggest the best sanitary pads as organic pads, “People with sensitive skin particularly need to avoid pads made of dyes and perfumes. As we all know usual commercial pads can be allergic and toxic to your sensitive parts. 

Finally, it’s very important to select the best sanitary pads that are free of harmful chemicals as the vulva’s skin can absorb these harmful chemicals more easily than the skin on other parts of your body

Best sanitary pads!! How to select one out of the whole crowd?

It can be a tough task if you are not sure or having clarity of your personal needs in choosing out of the best sanitary pads. I’m going to let you know the perfect sanitary pad during menstruation. 

Amongst the best sanitary pads in India, Based on multiple factors, It’s all about your selection!!

1. How about deciding based on your length and flow

When it comes to sanitary napkins, one size fit’s all, simply doesn’t work. Loss of fluid is not equal amongst women during periods. The level of flow can continue between 2 and 7 days. The flow of discharge is usually more for the initial days of the period. During this period, Extra length sanitary pads can offer good dryness.

2. Check whether it has good absorbency rate

Whether you are a teenager, college girl, or a working woman, your sanitary pad should give you maximum menstrual hygiene. Nowadays, most of the commercial products come with a cellulose-based absorbent core kept between emollient, fluid penetratable surface and an impenetratable backing with sealer. These kind of layer design helps in managing periods with heavy flow.

3. Material fit & comfort

Material type which is used to make sanitary pads has direct relationship to its breathability and comfort level. you should always look out for non toxic pads that are long lasting and providing irritation less experience.

4. What’s your Lifestyle

Lifestyle and daily activities has a lot of influence in choosing best sanitary pads. For example, When you’re up for your gym sessions, its best to select winged slim pads, For a long business trip you can go for extra-absorbent pads and so on.

Now with all the criterias you can choose best sanitary pads for your purpose. To make this job easier for you to buy biodegradable sanitary pads for your periods, we have a good list of organic best sanitary pads that you can buy online. There are organic pack of pads that comes within your budget and environmentally its good post disposal.

Lets deep dive on the organic sanitary pad brands now

1. Bliss Natural Pads (Starting from 49 Rupees)

This product is purely produced through “Kenaf” fibers(Pulicha Keerai). This fiber has numerous good qualities like being a strong absorbent, Anti-microbial and so on.

Best sanitary pads

Bliss pads has no deodorant/ fragrance added to it. They decompose easily within six to eight months. Each pad has multiple layers including a layer of kanef which is known to be a good absorbent.” Other than kanef layer, rest of the layers are made of biodegradable materials like cotton and bioplastics.

2. Azah pads

These sanitary napkins by Azah are available in many sizes and have been produced using organic cotton. Azah pads has a large surface proportion to have a good absorption and the top surface has been provided with environment friendly and non-toxic materials to completely avoid infections and allergies. Absorbent layers in azah pads allow proper passage of air and eliminate moisture to be comfortable and healthy. Along with this each pad comes with a proper disposal bag, it is easy to dispose of the used sanitary napkins.    

3. Pee Safe Pads(17% OFF)

This is another brand that is very popular and known for intimate hygiene. The surface of the Pee Safe pads is made of organic cotton while the absorbent top layer is made of the bamboo fiber to eliminate the use of plastic or harmful chemicals. Pee Safe pads are chlorine-free, leak-proof added with chemical-free fragrances, and also known for their natural anti-bacterial properties.     


What are the best sanitary pads for sensitive skin

For sensitive skin, It is always advisable to go for organic sanitary pads. Brand choice is yours.

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